Events and Exhibits

Library Artifact Exhibit

Materials on display at the UCSB Library were collected from spontaneous memorials that appeared following the murders and have been preserved and are available for research in the Special Research Collections department of the UCSB Library. These historical artifacts reflect themes that emerged as the community coped with the tragedy.

Artifacts such as painted stones, paper cranes, cards, and more represent the ways each person found to grieve and mourn. As part of this exhibit and the IV Strong Memorial, the artifacts are poignant objects that honor the past and endure for the future.

The exhibition was co-curated by librarians Danelle Moon and Annie Platoff, and Associated Students senator Eric Carlson. It is co-sponsored by the UCSB Associated Students and the UCSB Library.

Learn more about the various artifacts under “Artifacts”

The exhibit will be available for public viewing from May 14-June 17.

Garden Remembrance Event

Join in a time of sharing, public eulogy, and commemorative seed-planting in the IV Love and Remembrance Garden. The garden was created in 2015 as a memorial after crowdfunding over $50,000 for the cause. Six benches honor the six victims, and all are invited to come together in their memory.

May 23, 2024 | 12pm | IV Love and Remembrance Garden (People’s Park)

This event will be livestreamed at the link below.

Read more about the IV Love and Remembrance Garden under “Through the Years”

Sharing by Chancellor Yang
Memorial bench for Cheng Yuan “James” Hong adorned with flowers
Sharing by Jonathan Abboud
Memorial bench for Veronika Weiss adorned with flowers
Memorial bench for George Chen adorned with flowers
Memorial bench for Weihan “David” Wang adorned with flowers
Memorial bench for Katie Cooper adorned with flowers
Performance by BFOM
Memorial bench for Christopher Ross Michaels-Martinez adorned with flowers

Origami Folding Event

All are invited to join in folding paper cranes in a hands-on class taught by UCSB Library staff, continuing the legacy of the community that came together as one.

May 23, 2024 | 2-4pm | UCSB Library Fishbowl (first floor oceanside)

Read more about the significance of folding cranes under “Motifs and Themes”

Memorial Paddle-Out

Surfers and paddleboarders are invited to join together in a sunset memorial paddle-out ceremony. Onlookers may watch from the bluffs at Devereaux Beach. Hosted by the UCSB Surf Team.

Read more about the 2014 paddle-out under “2014 Memorials”

7pm | Devereux Beach

Photo: Tess McCormick
Photo: Tess McCormick

Student Resource Building (SRB)

Visit the SRB to view the original origami crane display constructed in 2017. Led by the Nikkei Student Union, 1,000 cranes folded during a student event came together to create the beautiful tribute. Six strings of blue cranes represent the six students who died on May 23, 2014.

Read more about the Nikkei Student Union’s origami folding event under “Through the Years”

Pardall Center Reflection Space

At the end of Memorial Walk, Pardall Center offers a space for all members of the community to reflect, process, and grow. With interactive message boards and activities, all participants can be part of the dialogue surrounding Isla Vista culture, campus safety, and community betterment.

The Reflection Space will be open from May 28 to May 31.

Original memorial boards on display

Paint-By-Number Kickoff Event

At Pardall Center, join in painting a 12×6 foot mural. All are invited to paint a portion of the mural, leaving a permanent brushstroke on a community canvas. The mural kickoff event creates a space for individual expression and community collaboration. The mural will be available to paint through May 31 (or until completed) at Pardall Center. Art by UCSB students Madison Reynolds and Morgan Lindroos.

May 29 | 2pm | Pardall Center